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criteria for project selection

The  Project Selection Criteria and Scoring Tool can be viewed here.

medicaid transformation project

​project plans have been submitted!

The OCH team is indescribably thankful for the partners and communities who helped shape our November 16th, 2017 submission to the Health Care Authority. The submitted documents are provided above.

Thank you so much for your attention and contribution to this important work in our region. We appreciate you!

In partnership,

The OCH Team

Through a five-year transformation, this proposal includes three initiatives aimed at improving how we take care of individuals to better address local health priorities, deliver high-quality, cost-effective care that treats the whole person, and create linkages between clinical and community-based services.

Click here to learn more about the Transformation Project.

What is the Transformation?

Letters of Intent (LOI's) submitted to the OCH 

helpful links

project toolkit

The state is seeking strategic changes within Medicaid to allow us to move toward a healthier Washington

project plan template

​The OCH will be completing a project plan template ahead of the November 16 deadline

project plan supplement

The state has provided a template for organizing information regarding projects, partnering providers, and resource allocation

phase 2 certification

The Olympic Community of Health achieved the Phase 2 Certification milestone

phase 1 certification

The Olympic Community of Health achieved the Phase 1 Certification milestone

health initiatives inventory

​Initiatives submitted by OCH partners​​