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The Regional Health Needs Assessment (RHNA) includes information about regional health status, health disparities and health service capacity to help regions identify health needs and gaps in care, making relevant data accessible in a timely manner. 

View Regional Health Needs Inventory (RHNI )Phase II HERE (updated April 5th).

Opioid Coordination Project:​​

The OCH Board has selected its first regional health improvement project. 

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PHASE II of Regional Health Needs Assessment

regional health needs

assessment & improvement plan

RHAP Committee:

The Regional Health Assessment and Planning (RHAP) Committee meets quarterly to assess regional health needs and create the groundwork for a regional health needs improvement plan.

Our Regional Health Priorities

ACCESS: A continuum of physical, behavioral, and oral health care services are accessible to people of all ages and care is coordinated across providers. 

AGING: Aging adults and their caregivers are safe and supported.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Individuals with behavioral health conditions receive integrated care in the best setting for recovery.

CHRONIC DISEASE: The burden of chronic diseases is dramatically reduced through prevention and disease management.

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Children get the best start to lifelong health and their families are supported.

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