Webinar & Call Notes

Notes from various calls, meetings, and webinars

NOTE: All notes are written and transcribed by OCH team members, as they participate in various calls. The information in the call notes below are not official minutes or representation of the hosting organizations.

These call notes are created with the intent to share key information gathered from the many calls and webinars that the OCH team participates in on a regular basis.

Rapid Response Call Notes: Medical and Behavioral Health Case Management Resources for Apple Health

Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery COVID-19 Call Notes:

06/30/2020 (DBHR presentation, Guidance for BH Inpatient and Residential Facilities, and WA Listens Fact Sheet)

06/16/2020 (DBHR presentation, Guidance for BH Inpatiant and Residential Facilities, and BH Impact Situation report)

06/02/2020 (DBHR presentation)

05/19/2020 (DBHR presentation and telehealth tips)

05/05/2020 (DBHR presentation)

04/28/2020 (DBHR presentation)

04/21/2020 (DBHR presentation and 42 CFR CARES Act handout)

04/14/2020 (DBHR presentation)

03/31/2020 (updated behavioral health providers list- 05/27/20)

Washington State Hospital Association Clinician Support Call Notes: