COVID-19 Response Funds

Frequently Asked Questions

Olympic Community of Health staff will update this page daily as questions come in regarding the Olympic Region COVID-19 Response Funds Application. Please contact with any additional questions. Applications are due on May 3, 2020.

Response Fund FAQs

I see that these funds should be used within 3 months of receipt. Can I request funds to backfill costs already incurred?

Answer: These funds are intended to fill current, or imminent anticipated needs. If you choose to submit an application for costs that you have already incurred, you must specifically outline why these funds are needed now and how they will be used. Priority will be given to applications that detail current and/or imminent needs. If additional funds are available, OCH will consider, on a case by case basis, applications for retroactive costs.

Is there a cap on indirect costs?

Answer: No. Applicants do not need to submit a budget or outline details of expenses. This is not a grant program. The source of funds is Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP). OCH will not reclaim unused funds.

Do I need to identify which strategy my request falls under?

Answer: No. OCH will assess the appropriateness of requests in alignment with the outlined strategies and scoring criteria. When completing your application please be as detailed as possible about the planned use of funds.

I submitted my application, now what?

Answer: OCH will review all applications after the 5/3/2020 deadline. You can expect to be notified of the status of your application via email by 5/8/2020.

Who is eligible to submit an application?

Answer: Eligible organizations for funding include OCH Implementation Partners, Local Public Health jurisdictions within the region, and federally recognized Tribes within Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties.

Can I submit an application for needs related to Integrated Managed Care?

Answer: No. The OCH Board of Directors approved the reallocation of these funds to specifically support COVID-19 response activities in the Olympic region. While we understand that Integrated Managed Care and COVID-19 have converged, funds are limited to needs as a result of COVID-19 and response activities and are not intended to back-fill reimbursement delays from Managed Care Organizations.

How much should I apply for?

Answer: The maximum funding a single partner can receive through this opportunity is $50,000. We recognize that organizations and Tribes have different financial needs and we request that you only apply for an amount that is needed.