Opioid Response

Addressing the Opioid Use Public Health Crisis.


Olympic Community of Health’s goals are to prevent abuse by improving prescribing practices, expanding access to treatment and prevent overdose deaths by making naloxone more available. Naloxone is used to counteract the effects of an overdose of opioids.

Addressing Disparity

This project aims to better care for Medicaid beneficiaries, including youth, who use, misuse, or abuse, prescription opioids and/or heroin.


The Three-County Coordinated Opioid Response Project (3CCORP) is a multi-sector collaborative effort made up of a Steering committee and three workgroups. These groups provide guidance for identifying existing efforts and gaps, identifying needs, identifying resources, and avoiding duplication of efforts and resources including other state efforts to reduce opioid-related morbidity and mortality.

View the 3CCORP Charter here.

3CCORP Workgroups


Working to prevent opioid misuse and abuses by improving prescribing practices


Working to treat opioid dependence by expanding access to treatment.


Working to prevent opioid misuse and abuses by improving prescribing practices.

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We are always looking for new partners to expand and improve our region's opioid response.


The OCH Opioid Response Summit is an annual event that provides a space for discussion, learning, and collaboration with the aim of addressing the opioid public health crisis in our region.

Access past summit overviews and presentations:

“Regional partners pursuing solutions to this crisis have taken collaboration to a whole new level; the work we are doing is leading the way for the entire nation.”

- Commissioner Mark Ozias of Clallam County