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Human Resources Community of Practice tackles the subject of staff retention by reflecting on what needs to stop happening in the workplace to make room for improvements

Updated: Feb 21

The second meeting of the Human Resources Community of Practice gathered early February to tackle shared challenges using creative strategies and collaboration. The community of practice is an opportunity for regional human resources professionals to strengthen the health-serving workforce by focusing on improving staff recruitment, engagement, development, and retention.

“What can we stop doing in order to improve staff retention?” More than a dozen human resource professionals from around the region engaged in an activity to identify specific steps to make workplaces more supportive of employee wellbeing. The 40-minute activity, titled TRIZ, encouraged attendees to list counterproductive activities and behaviors happening on the job in order to better see what could be cleared away to make space for innovative strategies.

Inspiration also came from Stormy Howell, administrator for Klallam Counseling Services, who shared many successes and answered questions. She emphasized the importance of a culture of appreciation and how easy it can be to cultivate, as she described the unexpected meaning that emerged from a simple, hand-drawn gold star. More complex efforts at her workplace included flexibility for staff attending midday college courses.

OCH looks forward to the next Human Resources Community of Practice to discover even more clear and accessible solutions to shared challenges through collaboration. Want to join in the fun next time? Register now for the next HR Community of Practice happening Tuesday, May 7, 2024 from 2-4 PM at the OCH office in Port Hadlock.

Stay tuned for more opportunities by signing up for the OCH newsletter and regularly checking the OCH Learnings and Convenings Calendar. 

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