Quantitative Report


General Questions

Question: Some of the cells in the excel file are locked, can I unlock them? 

Answer: Most cells in the excel file are locked to protect the underlying data and formulas. You should enter your data into the blue highlighted cells, which are unlocked.  

Question: I’m still having a hard time entering my information, what should I do? 

Answer: First try making sure you have clicked the “enable content” button in the yellow banner at the top of the file. If you continue to experience technical challenges contact och@olympicch.org  You can choose to submit responses you are unable to enter directly into the file via email to och@olympicch.org. Please indicate which cells you are encountering problems with so we can be sure to fix this in the future.  

Question: How do I know which measures are required and which are optional? 

Answer: Required vs. Optional measures are denoted in the “type” column (column J).  

Measure Specific Questions

Measure Description: Beneficiaries with a preventative/ambulatory visit in the previous 12 months 

Applies to: Primary Care, row 24 

Question: How does a 12-month measure work in the 6- month reporting period (Jan-July)? 

Answer: This is an error and this measure should not have been included in the semi-annual reporting period and will therefore not be counted. This is an optional measure and will be changed from semi-annual to annual. This measure will also be included in the next reporting period (February 2021). This measure no longer counts towards the “bonus funds.”  

Measure Description: ED visits 

Applies to: Hospital, row 9 

Question: Is this limited to participants in associated primary care? 

Answer: No, this is not limited to Medicaid beneficiaries seen in associated primary care clinics. Hospitals should include all Medicaid beneficiaries regardless of their primary care provider.

Measure Description: Proportion of beneficiaries under age 19 reporting having a physical health provider 

Applies to: Behavioral health, row 22 

Question: Are the numerator and denominator the same? 

Answer: The denominator is the total number who responded (both yes and no), while the numerator is the number who responded yes.