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Tackling health issues no single sector or Tribe can tackle alone.

2021 in review
In 2022, OCH...

A message from OCH's

Executive director

“I’m grateful that OCH will continue to support partners, communities, and equitable health outcomes for another year. 2022 was a building year for OCH and it was fantastic to see new and old partners at the table working to identify key actions for the future that will improve health across the region. I am humbled and honored to work alongside such inspiring and innovative partners and teammates and look forward to doing more good work with you all in 2023 and beyond.”

- Celeste Schoenthaler

Completed the work of the initial Medicaid Transformation! The OCH team appreciates the tireless effort of partners, and we look forward to more collaboration and transformation in the coming years.

Convened action collaboratives to create regional action plans for each of OCH's focus areas. Action plans were approved by the Board of Directors and will guide future OCH activities over the next four years.

Launched Care Connect Washington in the Olympic region, providing support to community members isolating from COVID-19.

Continued to facilitate opportunities to learn about stigma of substance use disorder. OCH presented local findings, created the Recovery Hero campaign, and funded youth engagement projects.

Conducted a partner network analysis to better understand the reach of the OCH network and opportunities for growth

By the numbers, och...






partners in the Coffee Break Video Series


Drove a total of

miles across the Olympic region for OCH partner site visits


Supported the
OCH network of

different partners across the three-county region


Distributed fresh groceries to 

individuals isolating from COVID-19 through the Care Connect


Incoming funds from:

  • Medicaid Transformation Project (reporting and performance)

  • Value-based purchasing (reporting and performance)

  • New funders (WA Communities for Children, Department of Health)

Dollars distributed directly to partners through:

  • Medicaid Transformation Project contracts

  • "Expanding the Table" funding opportunity

  • Youth engagement to address substance use disorder

AR-graphics (1).png
AR-care connect.png

OCH allocated                              to implement Care Connect Washington in the Olympic region, a program that supports community members isolating from COVID-19. Some examples of funded activities are fresh food orders, household assistance requests, support for local partnerships, and more!


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A message from OCH's

Board president

"2022 was a pivotal year for Olympic Community of Health. After concluding the original 5-year Medicaid Transformation Project that served as the catalyst for the State ACH’s, we embarked on a transitional “Year 6” extension of the project that allowed us to begin implementing our Strategic Plan. As we do this, we are building upon the strong foundation of collaboration and partnership built over the last half-decade. We recognize that the challenges encountered in attempting to create healthier, thriving, and more resilient communities are best tackled together – with cooperation, collaboration, and communication. The sincere dedication and commitment of the people and agencies who partner with OCH drive our collective accomplishments for the benefit of our communities. We look forward to continuing that important work together in the coming year."


- Michael Maxwell

CEO, North Olympic Healthcare Network

Vision for 2023

Implementing local priorities related to OCH's four focus areas.

Planning for new work as we expect to see new opportunities building off of the initial Medicaid Transformation Project.

Convening & connecting with new and current regional partners.

Stronger together
Join us in 2023 as we work together to foster a region of
healthy people, thriving communities
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