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Working towards a healthier, more equitable three-county region.

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Amy Brandt

Communications & Special Project Coordinator

Amy takes complex ideas and creates easy to understand graphics, newsletters, and webpages to communicate the impact of health initiatives in the Olympic region. Given her background in non-profit marketing and communications, Amy has a unique understanding of design and storytelling. She loves being part of a team that prioritizes community empowerment. When Amy isn’t creating colorful charts for OCH, she can be found searching for agates at the closest Washington shore. 

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Celeste Schoenthaler

Executive Director

Celeste guides the advancement of OCH’s mission by directing the design, implementation, and administration of OCH’s governance, programs, and collaborative efforts. She approaches this by working closely with the Board of Directors, the staff team, and partners. Coming from a Public Health background, Celeste brings a passion for health and equity to her work along with experience in policy, systems and environment change efforts, and strategic communications. Celeste is drawn towards the boldness and collaboration of OCH’s approach, as it requires creative solutions and cross-sector perspectives. In her spare time, Celeste enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and traveling to places unknown. 

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Debra Swanson

Operations Manager

Debra manages events and meeting logistics for OCH, including daily administrative tasks that support the efforts of our team and partners. With eight years in non-profit administration and nine operating a small freelance business, Debra brings organization and enthusiasm to support this prolific work. She views OCH’s role as collaborator and connector, to be paramount in improving complexities of healthcare. When Debra is not booking OCH’s next convening, she can be found wandering beside the Salish sea or creating art with her family and friends. 

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Mackenzie Jakola

Program Generalist

Mackenzie is the creative, organized, solutions-oriented, collaborative teammate who engages with partners through a variety of innovative projects and programs to advance OCH's mission. She has worked in the healthcare field for over 8 years and sheds light on what is actually happening within clinics and hospitals within the community. She is excited to work with a group of passionate individuals who strive to keep our community engaged in their health and well-being. When Mackenzie isn’t assisting with team projects, she runs a videography business with her husband and enjoys baking and cooking any chance she gets.

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Miranda Burger

Program Manager

As the Medicaid Transformation Project lead, Miranda supports partner success in transformation activities and monitors OCH deliverables and milestones. Her previous work in both behavioral health and community based organization settings, Miranda has experienced the barriers providers face and is equipped with a deep understanding of how to support partners. She is passionate about making our communities a healthier place to live and thrive through policy and systems level transformation. Outside of supporting OCH partners, Miranda can be found spending time in the beautiful outdoors of the peninsula with her husband and two pups! 

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Siri Kushner

Director of Data & Analytics (Contractor)

Siri believes in the power of data to drive planning, implementation and quality improvement. She uses analytics to turn data into information, using numbers, themes, and trends to describe program implementation and health and well-being outcomes. Siri’s work is grounded in a holistic definition of health that includes the influence of many community, environmental and social factors. Siri is a Kitsap County native with years of experience working with partners across the Olympic region. In her non-work time, she enjoys her two children, running and wandering the beaches and trails of the pacific northwest. 


Dan Vizzini


Dan is a policy analyst, facilitator and consultant with the Center for Evidence-based Policy at the Oregon Health and Science University. His work focuses on intergeneration financing strategies, alternative payment methods for healthcare services, the integration of social determinants measures into electronic health records systems and technical assistance to health care reform initiatives in Colorado and Washington state. Dan serves as an independent advisor and consultant, with particular involvement in the design of OCH’s approach to the Medicaid Transformation Project, financial planning and management and the allocation of project incentives to OCH partners and affiliates.