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Learning & Convening


The Bree Collaborative

Access the following resources:

Choosing Wisely

Patient-friendly materials to help patients engage their health care provider in conversations and empower them to ask questions about what tests and procedures are right for them. 

COVID-19 Resources

Access information regarding COVID-19 and ways to support patients, local organizations, and community members.

Community-Clinical Linkages

Access the following resources:

Implementation Partner Resources

Access information regarding change plans and reporting requirements. 

Integrated Managed Care Resources

Access resources regarding Integrated Managed Care such as information on claims and encounters, contact lists, 2020 communication resources, and more.

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making slide deck and detailed information on the April 2020 summit.

Six Building Blocks

The program provides an evidence-based quality improvement roadmap to help primary care teams implement  guideline-driven care for their chronic pain and long-term opioid therapy patients.

Tribal Adaption Integration Model

A culturally adapted integration tool created by the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health.

Value-Based Payment


Access workbooks and presentations regarding value-based payment.