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Implementation Partner Resources

  • Intermediary Metrics Reporting
    2020 Intermediary Metrics 2019 Quantitative Change Plan Metrics (November 2018) OCH (comments and responses) CBOSS Hospital Master MH SUD PC MH SUD Primary Care SUD
  • Reporting Calendar
    2019 Change Plan Partner Deliverables Calendar
  • Progress to Date Reporting
  • Payment Models
    2019 MTP Payment Model
  • Site Visit Report
    2019 Site Visit Report
  • 2020 Payment Model
    2020 Payment Model 2020 Reporting Calendar 2020 Payment Estimates 2020 Payment 1 (April) 2020 Payment 2 (September) 2020 Revised Learning and Convening Calendar Fall 2020 site-visit summary
  • Quantitative Reporting
    2020 Quantative Reporting- FAQ 2020 Intermediary Metrics: Hospital Substance Use Disorder provider Integrated Physical Health and Behavioral Health providers Primary Care providers Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder providers Community Based Organization and Social Services providers Webinar: 2020 Intermediary Metrics
  • Qualitative Reporting
    HealthierHere MeHAF Presentation MeHAF Tool with Change Concept Reference
  • Collective Ambulatory Resources
    EDIE PreManage Information Sharing Resource Guide PreManage Implementation Toolkit- February 2018 CMT Washington CR Resource Guide
  • 2021 Payment Model
    2021 Payment Model and Reporting Calendar Summaries of partner projects: Community-clincal linkages: project summary chart Enhanced transformation: project summary chart Addressing behavioral health needs June-July 2021 site visit summary
  • 2021 Payment Estimates
    2021 Payment Estimates (and 2020 reconciliation amounts) 2021 All Payment Summary (actual amounts)
  • COVID-Response Funds
    2021 Application for Olympic Region COVID Response Funds
  • 2022 Payment Model
    2022-2023 Payment model (not including MTP year 6) 2022 Payment model (including MTP year 6) 2022 Partner reporting timeline
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