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Becoming a Recovery Friendly Olympic Region

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In 2021, OCH received a donation of $245,000 from Cambia Health Solutions to address rural behavioral health. OCH decided to use these funds to specifically address SUD stigma. In nearly all societies, individuals are stigmatized. People have been stigmatized based on various intersecting identifiers, including but not limited to race, religion, culture, and health status. People with physical and mental health conditions, diseases, or disabilities often experience stigma. While some progress has been made to reduce stigma around some health conditions, SUD remains one of the most stigmatized health conditions worldwide. Even though addiction is a complex brain disorder, societies often view it as a personal failing. To address this crisis, we must address stigma as a barrier to prevention, care, and treatment.

OCH has compiled a report of how the funds from Cambia Health Solutions' donation were used in the Olympic region.

OCH is incredibly grateful for Cambia Health Solutions’ support in this endeavor to become a recovery friendly Olympic region. OCH was inspired throughout the various activities involved in this project and looks forward to continuing this important work. We are truly stronger together.

Check out OCH's resources related to substance use disorder stigma:

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