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Expanding the Olympic Community of Health Table Progress Summary

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Olympic Community of Health (OCH) partners with health-serving organizations and Tribes across Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties to improve individual and population health and advance equity by addressing the determinants of health.

In 2022, OCH sought to meaningfully engage additional partners on projects including tackling stigma of substance use disorder, supporting the health-serving workforce, community-clinical linkages, addressing social determinants of health, and more. OCH funded 10 partners totaling $320,000.

Funded partners implemented individual project plans as well as participated in collaborative groups to inform OCH’s action plans for 2023-2026. OCH is proud to expand our network of partners. We are so inspired by the creativity, innovation, and compassion present across the region. Here are some of the accomplishments and successes from these partner projects:

Together, recovery is possible

Access to the full spectrum of care

Individual needs are met timely, easily, and compassionately

Everyone housed

OCH is grateful for the many regional partners committed to collaboratively foster a healthier, more equitable three-county region. We believe the best approach to fostering health is to look to the community—elevate voices of those most impacted, maximize local strengths through collaboration, and incentivize creative solutions.

Learn more about OCH’s priorities for 2023-2024, and ways you can get involved! Stay connected by subscribing to OCH’s weekly newsletter.

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