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Moving Forward with Value-Based Payment

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

In August, Olympic Community of Health (OCH) brought partners together for an opportunity to connect on lessons learned and to discuss future opportunities around value-based payments. Regional partners from hospitals, primary care, behavioral health, and community-based organizations were joined by representatives from the Health Care Authority (HCA), Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW), Coordinated Care, United Healthcare, and Molina Healthcare for a collaborative and open conversation about challenges and possibilities.

“In the end, it's all about paying for better quality while maintaining cost growth.” – Excerpt from HCA presentation.

This was the first time OCH has brought a large group of partners back together in-person since the beginning of the pandemic. Partner safety is a top priority of OCH and we’ll continue to improve safety measures and precautions. At future convenings OCH will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination in addition to continuing to follow WA state and local safety guidelines.

The convening began with a presentation by HCA’s JD Fischer where JD explained the roadmap toward value-based care and priorities for the state. Kat Latet of CHPW shared an article about some of the innovations happening across the country and at the federal level to pay for quality while maintaining cost growth. Looking at both federal and state priorities, “…equity, paying for health care based on value instead of the volume of services provided, and delivering person-centered care that meets people where they are” are driving components of the overall strategy to improve quality and reduce costs of the healthcare system. Additionally, convening participants were provided with a recent article that discusses opportunities of addressing determinants of health through managed care.

Watch JD Fischer's presentation below (click here to download slides).

Themes from the discussion:

  • There is more in common across providers and MCOs than previously realized.

  • The group identified a shared desire to continue conversations about the role of community-based organizations in value-based payments. Community-based organizations have expertise in many of the state’s key priority areas.

  • The group agreed to find ways to align through shared measures, systems, and processes.

  • Participants expressed interest to find ways to expand value-based contracts to additional sectors such as behavioral health and specialty care.

In the coming months, OCH will continue to move the work forward by taking the following next steps:

  • Establish a small, action-oriented, cross-disciplinary group to solidify a concrete list of shared difficulties and recommended solutions to present to HCA and the OCH network of partners.

  • Connect with the other Accountable Communities of Health to explore opportunities to align recommendations and leverage partner voice.

  • Collaborate with community-based organizations to create a summary of the value they can bring to health transformation and value-based care.

  • Share Olympic region population health trends to center ongoing conversations on regional priorities and needs.

OCH appreciates local and statewide partners and the collaborative spirit of attendees to continue working together to create a region of healthy people, thriving communities.

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