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New Horizon in Housing: 7th Haven

It’s been 15 years since any new affordable housing buildings have been built in Jefferson

County, according to Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP), who took on the challenge by opening 7th Haven affordable housing complex. OlyCAP brought together over 200 organizers, elected officials, and community members to honor the completion of this six-year project. The ribbon cutting was held in early April at the apartment’s parking lot, bringing a lot of smiles and gratitude to the horizon.

With rent prices being at an all-time high, almost 1 in 2 households in the Olympic region are cost burdened. There is a shortfall across the Olympic region for low-income renters, as there is a deficit of over 4,000 units affordable at 30% HUD adjusted median family income (HAMFI). Check out OCH’s data tool, Connecting to Data to learn more.

7th Haven is a step towards directly addressing that gap. This complex is intended to support the working class, veterans, and survivors of domestic violence to have a safe and desirable place to call home. 7th Haven also would allow residents of Jefferson County to stay in their hometown, rather than being pushed out due to rental costs. Information gathered by OCH from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the Olympic Region.