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Project Update: 2021 COVID-19 Recovery Funds

In 2021, OCH set aside $400,000 to support ongoing community needs due to COVID-19. In early 2021 a request for proposals was released to contracted partners, regional Tribes, and local health jurisdictions allowing up to $75,000 per application for projects that supported COVID-19 vaccinations, equity and social needs, and COVID-19 recovery.

“2021 has been exponentially harder than 2020 and it seems that some entities have lost sight of that.” – Peninsula Community Health Services

OCH received 13 applications with requests totaling $745, 447. All applications were reviewed and scored by OCH staff. With approval from the Executive Committee, OCH funded 7 applications totaling $399,000.

“The [funding] was successful in so many areas and help out so many people within our community.” – Clallam County Health & Human Services

In December 2021 recipients reported on progress of awarded projects. A summary of the funded projects is below:

Partners across the region continue to show up where they are most needed and persistently work to support the health of the Olympic region during the COVID-19 pandemic. Response and recovery will continue in 2022. OCH is honored to support a small piece of this collaborative action. We are stronger together.

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