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The Sequim Navigator Program expands needed, in-the-field crisis response and services to the Sequim area

Program description

The Sequim Navigator Program is intended to expand needed in-the-field crisis response and services to the Sequim area. Designated Crisis Responders (DCR) work closely with community partners and law enforcement to respond to people with a behavioral health need, assess for appropriate intervention and solutions, and make referrals to needed services. The DCR also educates community members about the crisis system and what services are available to community members experiencing concerns.

Read more in our Connecting Community Members to Care report.

Populations of emphasis 

Anyone currently in Sequim experiencing mental health and/or substance use disorder

How it works

  • DCR is available T-Th, 12-hour days.

  • DCR rides along with Sequim Police Department, checks on people of concern, and responds to referrals.

  • Referrals are primarily received from local crisis line, law enforcement, Jamestown Healing Clinic. Any community member may make a referral.

  • Each referral is assessed for appropriate intervention. Interventions may range from involuntary or voluntary hospitalization to brief crisis counseling and referral to an appropriate community partner.

  • DCRs engage with community to provide education about the program and broader behavioral health crisis system.


180 encounters

Source: Peninsula Behavioral Health, September 2022-June 2023

Tips for success

  1. Build strong relationships with community partners. The work is made better by many people working together.

  2. Be bold, write up an idea, and get started. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

  3. Make sure you have the right person where and when they are needed to meet the unique needs of your community.


  • Funding from Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe through the City of Sequim

  • Crisis services are reimbursed through the Salish Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization


Connecting Community Members to Care Report

OCH is honored to share the success of the Sequim Navigator Program. We are inspired by their continuing commitment to timely, compassionate care that meets individual client needs. Read more about this and other successes in our new Connecting Community Members to Care report.

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