2019 Annual Report



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A ripple effect is happening in the Olympic region, sparked by collaborative energy, innovative projects, and crucial conversations. Progress takes time and the collective efforts of individuals, organizations, and whole communities coming together is leading to real waves of change.

A lot has happened in the Olympic region over the past year, thanks to our partners’ commitment to making our communities a better place to live, learn, work, and play.


In February, OCH hosted 3 individual Natural Communities of Care (NCC) convenings, with a combined attendance of 77 regional partners.

In March, OCH hired Executive Director Celeste Schoenthaler. OCH now has 7 full time employees and has moved to a beautiful new office space in Port Hadlock, WA.


In March, OCH hosted a Tribal Sovereignty 101 training and Indian Health Care Systems 201 training, bringing together 37 partners.

In July, OCH submitted the third semi-annual report to the Washington State Health Care Authority. OCH received 100% of the possible incentives for all reports to date.

In September, OCH hosted the third Opioid Response Summit. The event welcomed over 175 participants.

In December, OCH hosted the Clallam County Integrated Managed Care forum, bringing together over 75 participants to discuss upcoming opportunities and challenges




58 partner
site visits completed

41 collaborative OCH events

35 newsletters and community briefings released to the OCH network


378,010 people in Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap combined2

over 20% of the region's population are Medicaid beneficiaries3

39% of the region's Medicaid population is under the age of 183

2. Office of Financial Management. (2019, June 28). April 1 Official Population Estimates.
3. Healthier Washington Dashboard. (2018, December 31). Medicaid Population Explorer


decrease of patients on high dose chronic opioid therapy* in the Olympic region.1

*Between 2015 and 2019, at least 90MME/day

1. Washington State Department of Health. (2019, September 11). Opioid Prescriptions Dashboard


new dental clinics at North Olympic Healthcare Network and Jefferson Healthcare.


reduction in emergency department re-visits within 72 hours of initial visit at Forks Community Hospital.



“Our staff is becoming more engaged learning about trauma informed care. This is allowing staff to become aware of particular behaviors of their own and of our clients, thus improving our interactions with our clients, our own behaviors and our interactions with one another.

Jody Moss

Contracts Management & Planning Director
Olympic Area Agency on Aging



OCH expenses go towards partner support, operations, and partner incentives. Partner support refers to learning opportunities and convenings provided by OCH. Operations encompass internal administrative costs. Partner incentive funds are distributed to contracted
partners who further the work of collaborative and innovative transformation activities.

2019 TOTAL EXPENSES: $4,701,789



As an Accountable Community of Health, Olympic Community of Health receives funds from the Washington State Health Care Authority through the following:

  • Initial Design and Project Planning Funds

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Reporting

  • Meeting Regional Metrics Targets

Reporting: This table outlines the funds earned by OCH in 2019 for completion of reporting.

Shared Domain 1 Incentives

Project Incentives

Value-Based Payment Incentive Funds







2020 marks the fourth year of our journey toward Medicaid Transformation. With attention, collaboration, and innovation in the following areas, we’ll realize our vision of healthy and thriving communities:

  • Social Determinants of Health
    Transforming health requires more than access to high-quality, affordable health care. In 2020, partners will take part in a regional assessment of social determinants work happening in addition to an all-day convening to move the region forward and better understand and address barriers to health.


  • Emergency Department Utilization
    This year, we are providing more opportunities for partners to collaborate, share best practices, and identify new ways to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits.


  • Learning & Convening
    In order to better support partners through transformation activities and projects, we will be offering a wide variety of learning events and convenings in 2020. These events are catered to address the expressed needs and interests of our partners.


  • Planning for the Future
    Through a Visioning Taskforce, the OCH Board of Directors will take time in 2020 to plan activities and strategies to guide the organization and the region beyond the Medicaid Transformation waiver conclusion in 2021.


A Message from the Executive Director

Celeste Schoenthaler

“Thank you to the partners across the Olympic region for welcoming me so warmly to this work. 2019 was a great time to join this movement and the organization. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work in this beautiful region and to learn more about the transformational work happening across our communities. The dedication, passion, and creativity are inspiring and humbling. I look forward to more success and to digging deeper in 2020.”

A Message from the Board President

Wendy Sisk

CEO, Peninsula Behavioral Health

“Over the past year, our network of community partners has worked collaboratively to improve the health and wellness of our region by increasing access to all types of healthcare, managing chronic illness more effectively, and addressing the complex needs of individuals. As each day passes, the quality of care provided improves through these partnerships, and we’ve only gotten started!”


As we move further into 2020,

join us as we continue working towards a healthier, more equitable region.