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2020 Annual Report



Foster a region of healthy people,

thriving communities

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Big Impacts

Together, we turned challenges into opportunities


Transition to integrated

managed care

Navigating the




financial hardship

Reckoning with




By the numbers



  • Partners across the region created 27 project proposals connecting clinical and community-based organizations.

  • Partners collaborated regularly to discuss COVID-19 impacts on behavioral health.

  • OCH staff discussed with elected officials the work and priorities of the Olympic region.

  • Natural Communities of Care brought together many partners to discuss and learn about ED utilization.

Explored health equity

  • OCH partners and Board of Directors participated in an equity training.

  • OCH community education campaign materials were developed in English and Spanish.

  • OCH staff presented at the 2020 ACH Learning Symposium focused on health equity.

Studied local social determinants of health

  • Partners participated in a social determinants of health (SDOH) assessment and survey.

  • SDOH assessment findings were discussed at 3 virtual convenings by 72 participants.

  • Conversations and assessment resulted in a set of regional priorities.

planned for the future

  • OCH partners and staff created a future state proposal (post-MTP) focusing on determinants of health and equity.

  • Gathered questions a1nd concerns regarding funding to guide next steps.

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By the Numbers
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of OCH community campaign resources


collaborative OCH events


of Medicaid Managed Care contracts in the Olympic region were value-based

2020 Paying for Value Survey Results. (2021, January 8). Washington State Health Care Authority.

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in preventative and restorative dental services

*Between Jan 2017 and Dec 2019, all ages

Healthier Washington Dashboard Trends. (2021, January 20). Washington State Healthcare Authority.



in chronic disease programs across community-based partner organizations

Quantitative Reporting (2020). Olympic Community of Health.  



distributed by OCH staff across the region

What our partners say

Our Partners

“We all have unique areas of expertise, but when you combine them together, it’s really better than the sum of the parts. That can dramatically improve the health of the community.”

Primary Care Provider

Poster-Aubrey Dolph.jpg

“The willingness of the clients and the compassion and patience that the staff showed in getting clients connected to telehealth was wonderful to see in such a difficult time.” 

Behavioral Health Provider

“So much has happened, so many people have been connected that weren’t connected before. It’s those connections and the relationship, it takes someone to make those.” 

Hospital Partner

Image by Lesly Derksen

“We have seen the synergy that develops between the many organizations that come to the table together. We know that we need to use multiple resources that we each have in order to address these problems.”

Community-Based Organization

Financial Overview

Financial Overview

OCH expenses go towards partner support, operations, and partner incentives. Partner support refers to learning opportunities, technical support, scholarships, and convenings. Operations encompass internal administrative costs. Partner incentive funds are distributed to contracted partners who further the work of collaborative and innovative transformation activities.



As an Accountable Community of Health, OCH earns funds from the Washington State Medicaid Transformation Project for meeting reporting requirements and by meeting set regional targets.

Vision for 2021

2021 Vision
  • Social Determinants of Health
    In 2021, partners will foster community and clinical partnerships and other creative approaches to addressing social determinants of health. OCH looks forward to hosting a housing summit and offering a digital inventory of local projects.


  • Resiliency
    As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across the region, OCH focuses efforts to raise resiliency among work forces and communities. Efforts include providing resources, funding, learning opportunities, and campaign messaging.


  • Scaling and Sustaining
    OCH continues to develop strong plans for the future as the conclusion of the Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) is right around the corner. OCH will continue to gather and compile regional input to guide future strategies and priorities, all while preparing to smoothly adjust in the event of a one-year extension to MTP in 2022.


  • Road Map for the Future
    Contracted partners are planning to scale and sustain the successes of innovative MTP activities. In 2021, OCH will provide opportunities for peer-learning, collaboration, and sharing to catalyze and sustain the great work happening throughout the region.

Message from OCH

A message from the Executive Director

Celeste Schoenthaler

“2020 was a trying year for the communities of the Olympic region. I continue to be proud to serve in this role and am so appreciative of the collaborate spirit and resilience I’ve witnessed throughout the last year. While 2020 was challenging, it also came with many successes, both within the OCH organization and with the work you, our partners, do every day. I look forward to continuing to work together to achieve our collective goals in 2021.”

Celeste S OCH 2019-5_edited.jpg

A message from the Board President

Wendy Sisk

CEO, Peninsula Behavioral Health

“In 2020, many things in our lives changed. We all watched as the pandemic spread across the world and struggled to make sense of it. OCH has looked upon challenges presented by the pandemic and has seen opportunities to support our communities. Through our Stay Healthy, Stay Connected campaign, by promoting vaccination, and by supporting partner agencies in continuing to provide necessary health care and social services without interruption we continue to breathe hope and resilience into our region.”

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As we move further into 2021,

join us as we continue working towards a healthier, more equitable region.

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