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2020 Student Poster Contest: Plant Hope, Grow Resilience

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Olympic Community of Health hosted a poster contest to encourage hope and resilience during COVID-19. Students grades K-12 across the Olympic region were encouraged to submit poster designs inspired by the theme “Plant Hope, Grow Resilience”. The poster contest is a part of a broader campaign aimed to provide messages and resources related to individual, family, and workforce resilience.

OCH received 22 incredible poster submissions from all three counties. Selecting the winners was no easy task. The artwork and stories told by these students brought much joy and hope to the OCH staff during the reviewing process. OCH staff HIGHLY recommends reading the amazing descriptions that go along with the posters (they are sure to bring a smile to your face).

Over the next few months, OCH will continue to share and distributing these posters across the Olympic region.

Thank you to all the talented young artists who shared what hope and resilience means to you. Your messages of hope are truly inspiring during such difficult times.

Winning posters (click the arrow to see all four posters):

All poster submissions:

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