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A note of gratitude

The OCH team is filled with gratitude this holiday season. We invite you to pause with us for a moment as we reflect on what we are grateful for. Together, OCH and partners across the region have accomplished so much in the past 12 months. We look forward to continuing to foster a thriving Olympic region.

“I’m grateful for the life that I have built for myself this year. This year has been a bit of a rebuilding year for me, and I am grateful to OCH for allowing me the space to rebuild in a culture where work-life balance is important, and people matter. In 2023, I am looking forward to exciting adventures, learning new things, and being open to what comes next.”

– Ayesha Chander, Program Coordinator

“I am immensely grateful that OCH will continue to exist in 2023 and beyond! When this organization started officially back in 2017, the future was unclear. Thanks to state and local partners for seeing the value our little team aims to provide and for the amazing opportunities ahead in supporting healthy people and thriving communities across this special region. In 2023, I am looking forward to building new relationships and staying connected with those who have been a part of this work since the beginning.”

– Celeste Schoenthaler, Executive Director

“I’m grateful for our partners that continue to show up daily and innovate to best meet the needs of the people that live here. I’m thankful for the beautiful region we get to live, work, and play in. I’m grateful for the opportunity to re-connect with partners, old and new, in-person. I’m thankful for our incredibly hard working and supportive team. I’m looking forward to co-creating a regional approach to community-based care coordination that meets the unique needs of the people who live and work here. I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with partners in-person.”