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A Note of Gratitude from Team OCH

The OCH team is filled with gratitude this holiday season. During the hustle and bustle that often accompanies the end of the year, we invite you to pause with us for a moment as we reflect on what we are grateful.

“I am grateful for the thoughtful and hardworking team at OCH, the partners throughout the region who continue to support a strong and resilient recovery from COVID-19, and the tremendous support of the OCH Board of Directors. Thanks to you all!” - Celeste Schoenthaler, Executive Director

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel across the beautiful region, re-connect with partners in person, and share the inspiring stories of resilience and hope in our communities.” - Miranda Burger, Program Manager

“I am grateful for many things that 2021 brought. In the midst of continual unknowns, this year brought me my sweet daughter, a healthy work/life balance and supportive friendship with coworkers and passionate partners. I look forward to continuing to grow relationships with everyone in 2022” - Mackenzie Jakola, Program Generalist

“I’m grateful for the wonderful people I get to work with daily and their deep commitment to improving our quality of life in the Olympic region.” - Debra Swanson, Operations Manager

“I’m grateful for the move towards in-person events: putting faces to names, seeing each other outside the square inch frame of the zoom collage, and feeling reconnected with the many amazing partnerships across the region.” - Amy Brandt, Communications Coordinator

“I am grateful for the opportunity to explore and expand my community within this beautiful Olympic region.” - Ayesha Chander, Program Coordinator

Thank YOU for all you do to support the health of the Olympic region. OCH is lucky to have such incredible partners across the three counties and seven Tribes. This past year has been an amazing example of how partnership and collaboration foster healthy people, thriving communities.

Olympians and their families meet up at a Port Townsend winery to celebrate surviving approximately 1 million Zoom calls and virtual meetings alike.

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