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Care in a Time of COVID-19: Youth Flu Shots

Kitsap Children’s Clinic recently hosted a flu clinic where they distributed over 350 youth flu shots in Silverdale. Every fall, Kitsap Children’s Clinic holds a large flu clinic for their patients. Community members look forward to this event as Kitsap Children’s Clinic provides a convenient and friendly opportunity for youth flu shots. This year, COVID-19 posed several challenges to hosting the annual flu clinic. However, the staff recognized the importance of providing safe and welcoming environments for the community to get immunized in preparation for flu season.

Clinic Manager, Shannon Re shared, “Facing the pandemic has really brought to light the importance of taking all opportunities available to us to reduce the spread of germs and illness. It has taken a toll on all of our lives. Getting a flu shot is even more important this year to help reduce the spread of influenza; especially as we are seeing increases in coronavirus and a potential overload to our healthcare system as flu season starts to collide with COVID-19”. At this year’s flu clinic, Kitsap Children’s Clinic implemented a new check-in process through their online portal before the appointment. They started scheduling a month prior to the flu clinic and ended up with waiting list of community members. The clinic was set up in a way that prioritized patient safety, as the whole process was streamlined and reorganized so there was minimal contact with others.

Overall, the community was really grateful Kitsap Children’s Clinic was able to carry on the tradition and provide an opportunity for efficient and safe flu shot appointments. The event was held on a Saturday, which was more accessible for families. And the online check-in process proved to be an effective approach that Kitsap Children’s Clinic will continue to offer. Olympic Community of Health is inspired by the innovation and hard work showcased in this success. Keep up the great work, Kitsap Children’s Clinic!

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