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Community-Based Organizations & Social Services Collaboration Call Summary

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

September 29, 2020

Olympic Community of Health brought together community-based organizations and social service partners (CBOSS) to provide opportunities for shared learning and collaboration. Eight partners attended from across the three-county region. 

OCH contracted partners are currently developing community-clinical linkage project proposals. Community-clinical linkages are defined as connections between community and clinical sectors to improve population health. When clinical and community sectors work together, we create better health outcomes for everyone. This collaboration call provided space for CBOSS partners to brainstorm project ideas.

Ideas for Community-Clinical Linkage projects:

  • North Olympic Healthcare Network, Olympic Peninsula Healthy Community Coalition (OPHCC), First Step Family Support Center and Molina Healthcare partnered to make healthy, affordable cookbooks available for clients and developed a creative online cooking video series.

  • Olympic Area Agency on Aging (O3A) is working to recertify Chronic Disease Self-Management (CDSM) master trainers for remote classes. Once recertified, master trainers can offer classes to individuals across three-county region. 

  • First Step is planning to connect with OPHCC regarding Spanish resources and understanding roles on West End. 

  • O3A is offering remote trauma-informed care training for all staff. O3A may be available to offer trainings to partners across the three-counties in the future. 

  • Answers Counseling and the Korean Women’s Association are looking for referral partners for free parenting classes. Incentives for referral partners and participants available. 

Community Information Exchange (CIE) update: 

OCH continues to explore a regional CIE. Per the OCH Board's guidance, a small workgroup is currently exploring Unite Us and Julota platforms. 

  • CIE is still a huge need for both receiving referrals and closing the loop.

  • Unite Us may offer a benefit in continuity across the state.

  • A regional CIE can contribute to building relationships. This will help reduce duplication of resources and building communication to link people with already established programs. 

  • Would like a “table of contents” included that introduces available community resources.

  • There’s a lot of SDOH screening happening. Concerns about referrals and closing the loop. Opportunity to highlight successes across the region. 

  • Would like to track screening to referrals and help identify gaps and possible adaptations to better meet community needs. 

Partner Spotlight: First Step Family Support Center Builds a County-Wide Safe Sleep Coalition

  • Looking to streamline communication and messaging in Clallam County around safe sleep

  • October is SIDS awareness month – Educational materials are available

  • Seeking additional Clallam County partners

Partner Spotlight: YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties Establishing Embedded Referral Tool

  • Referral pathway coming with St. Michael’s soon – 5 years in the making! Based off successful model with Multi-Care in Pierce County. 

  • Tips to build a successful community-clinical linkage :

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