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Connecting in the time of COVID: Fall 2020 Site Visit Summary

Olympic Community of Health reflects on perseverance at recent partner site visits.

This fall, OCH virtually visited with implementation partners to connect, learn of successes, and ongoing challenges. Partner input from site visits inform OCH investments in regional trainings and technical assistance, as well as enable OCH staff to make personalized connections based on partner needs.

“The perseverance of our partners is inspiring. Despite great challenges, they continue to find creative solutions and provide the essential services that are needed now more than ever.” - OCH Program Manager Miranda Burger

Common barriers:

  • Workforce burnout/supporting staff

  • Limited inpatient services for behavioral health needs

Bright spots:

“While I missed connecting with partners in person, I always enjoy learning of the successes happening with our partners across the region. Even amidst a pandemic, the region continues to make great progress toward our collective vision of healthy people and thriving communities.” - OCH Executive Director Celeste Schoenthaler

Despite a year of unprecedented challenges, partners continue to explore new opportunities to meet the changing needs of their communities. Partners continue to innovate and courageously tackle regional challenges. While focus may have shifted from specific Medicaid Transformation Project activities this year, the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and teamwork are still very present.

“We missed sitting with partners in their space this year, and we are grateful for this time to connect. We look forward to travelling across our beautiful region again and visiting in-person next year.” - Miranda Burger

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