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Integrated Pediatric Care: Prioritizing youth physical and mental health

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Kitsap Children's Clinic is creatively expanding services to meet the full spectrum of children’s health needs by integrating behavioral health care. Contracting with Catholic Community Services has allowed patients of the clinic to access timely and convenient behavioral health care. A project over 5 years in the making, addresses a common gap in the health care system. Clinic Manager Shannon Re shared, “Being able to provide specialized care in our office that has been in short demand is so meaningful. The partnership with Catholic Community Services has helped us grow and learn how to be a better medical home for our patients.”

By integrating behavioral health within their practice, Kitsap Children’s Clinic has been able to streamline communication between behavioral health specialists and primary care providers, creating more coordinated and comprehensive care for the patient and their families. The program has affirmed what Re already suspected,

“Patients are more engaged in obtaining behavioral health in a timely manner when it is in an environment that is comfortable for them.”

In fact, Kitsap Children’s Clinic has plans to scale the project to include psychiatric consultations for their primary care providers. Re shared, “I was surprised at how fast we were able to fill the patient panels of the integrated specialist. I knew the program would be embraced but couldn't have anticipated how quickly it would take off.”

A shining example of perseverance and creative problem solving, OCH is inspired by partners like Kitsap Children’s Clinic that continue to make strides providing the best possible care to their patients and families.

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