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Olympic Region Equity Community of Practice

In late October, Olympic Community of Health (OCH) invited Olympic region partners to an Equity Community of Practice. This newly formed collaborative will work to address and advance equity through shared learnings, best practices, and a shared vision of a healthier, more equitable region. OCH’s vision is to host a broad and diverse table with people that represent the providers, patients, clients, and communities we serve to best inform our collective work.

During the group's time together, 20 attendees began to cultivate a shared understanding of equity and collaborated on what success means for this group while fostering an inclusive, supportive, kind space for learning.

View the video embedded below for an audio/visual recording of the event summary.

Interested in deepening your equity knowledge and practice?

Thank you to our community partners for your collaboration at the first gathering of the Olympic Region Equity Community of Practice.

By working together, we can foster a region of healthy people, thriving communities.

Interested in attending the next Olympic Region Equity of Practice?

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