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Recovery Hero: Stephanie Case

Meet Stephanie Case, a member of Reflections Counseling Services Group’s REAL Team, a mother of three, a recovery hero.

Stephanie now works to provide the services and support that she once sought. She has wrestled with a substance addiction for the past 15 years and is a beautiful example that “recovery really is possible.”

Through community service, Stephanie connected with Reflections Counseling Services Group, one of OCH’s wonderful partners. She built strong and meaningful connections that helped her find stable housing. Along came a grant to support the creation of Reflections Counseling Services Group’s REAL Team, a program made up of individuals in recovery who connect people with social and health services, respond in crisis situations, and provide outreach to vulnerable populations. Stephanie became the first Reflections Counseling Services Group’s REAL Team member in Clallam County.

Stephanie is an asset to the REAL Team, as she has been through the systems that her clients are currently navigating. She knows what it’s like, firsthand, to not have shelter, to try and seek treatment and family supports in a rural community with limited services, to manage a substance use disorder while simply trying to survive.

“If you don’t have a home, you are going to be in survival mode and will do anything just to survive.”

This challenging experience informs Stephanie’s daily life and is an invaluable strength that she uses to support the community.

When faced with homelessness, Stephanie had to constantly survey her environment, make connections, and maximize opportunities. Stephanie has since transformed that practice into a strength by surveying her environment through the lens of networking and partnership. She makes strong connections with local law enforcement, housing projects, community-based organizations, and more. “There are tons of amazing programs, by building those connections we can better support one another.”

Stephanie shared how she connected with a housing development in Sequim, talked them through various pathways to access state funds so that the development could be transformed into affordable housing. Connections like this allow for more equitable and accessible housing options for community members in need of a safe place to call home.

When asked “what recovery means to you?”, Stephanie responded “LIFE!”.

Without recovery, she believes she wouldn’t be here today. To her, recovery is the joy and hope in each new day. Stephanie is a living testament to the limitless potential of all individuals. She is currently pursuing a degree in criminal justice (4.0 student) and is taking every opportunity she can to help others.

“I always remind people, myself included, that you are not defined by your past.”

Thank you, Stephanie, for your commitment to supporting your community. OCH is honored to share the story of this amazing recovery hero!


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