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Stronger Together Funding Opportunity: Funding Decision

On June 12, 2023 the OCH Board of Directors decided to fund sixteen project applications from the Stronger Together Funding Opportunity, totaling $1,999,875. This is an exciting opportunity for OCH to support collaborative projects across the Olympic region in alignment with OCH’s strategic plan.

Each project was required to work towards one of the following goals. These goals reflect OCH’s 2023-2024 Action Plan Priorities.

OCH received thirty-six applications totaling $6,767,877 requested funds. Applications came in from across the Olympic region and different partner types. Many new partners engaged in the application process, increasing OCH’s connections with youth-serving organizations, schools, colleges, and school districts, faith-based organizations, housing groups, first responders, and jails, and community-based organizations.

Project review process

OCH prioritized a detail-oriented and equitable approach to decision making. Each application went through a technical review, and then was reviewed and scored by three people (OCH staff, regional partner, and a Funding Opportunity Committee member). To ensure clarity and cohesion, OCH hosted a training session for all reviewers in late April. This session provided an opportunity for the group to be trained in countering personal bias, prioritizing confidentiality, and they established a plan to address and minimize conflict of interest.

Funded Projects

OCH is thrilled to share the sixteen projects selected for funding.

Check out all the funded projects (PDF and Excel). By meaningfully engaging with these projects across the Olympic region, OCH can maximize the work towards our shared goal to, “Improve individual and population health and advance equity by addressing determinants of health”. We are truly stronger together.

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