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Take Care & Be Well: Tiny Video Project

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Clallam Resilience Project, a project of United Way of Clallam County, presents the Take Care & Be Well Tiny Video series exploring resilience skills that community members already use and new ones to be gained. Developing resilience is an important way to transform a potentially toxic situation into a tolerable one, such as mitigating the impacts of childhood and adult trauma. In addition, community resilience is the capacity of individuals and households within a community to absorb, endure, and recover from the impacts of a disaster, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This project is inspired by the Quileute Tribe's New Beginnings Program, Quileute Tribal Members, and the Community Resilience Initiatives Building Block cards. Partners came together and asked, “how can we create something like this for all of Clallam county?” With intentionality around reaching isolated individuals and families, and making resiliency skills accessible, the Take Care and Be Well Tiny Video project was born.

The video series consists of bite-sized videos of partners from across Clallam County sharing resilience skills that they use. The video series also offers Spanish resources. So far, Take Care and Be Well videos have been made by a range of partners including:

  • Olympic Community of Health

  • Clallam County Health and Human Services

  • Clallam County Commissioner, Mark Ozias

  • Quillayute Valley School District

  • WSU Extension

  • Jefferson Healthcare

  • Olympic Nature Experience

  • North Olympic Library System

  • OlyCAP

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Serenity House

Director of Clallam Resilience Project, Minnie Whalen shares her favorite part about working on the video series, “It’s a lesson of virtual community […] It has really helped expand my perspective on some of these resilience skills, by hearing and listening to other people.”

The Tiny Video series promotes the importance of social connectedness. Even though we are physically distant, we can still be emotionally close. During these difficult times, creative and accessible resources like the tiny resilience videos allow us to make progress towards the goal of larger community resilience.

OCH’s Program Coordinator, Mel Melmed shares her experience with the video series, “I've gotten great ideas from these videos that I'm already incorporating into my personal and professional life. The videos share techniques and benefits of resilience strategies such as showing appreciation, practicing self-discipline, and learning to accept help. What makes me excited is knowing that we are building resilience as individuals and as a community.”

As an Accountable Community of Health, OCH is positioned to foster community connections that lead to a region of healthy people, thriving communities. OCH is thrilled to support projects like the Take Care and Be Well Tiny Video project. Minnie shared, "OCH is doing a lot of bridge-building and communication that helps us feel socially connected.” Check out the tiny video featuring Mel Melmed!

OCH is so grateful for creative partners like the Clallam Resilience Project, working towards providing resources to practice and strengthen community resilience. Keep up the great work!

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