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Workforce Hero: Wendy Sisk, CEO of Peninsula Behavioral Health, engages, retains, and develops her workforce using strategies spanning monthly trainings to quality time with furry friends

Olympic Community of Health’s Workforce Heroes are the inspirational people who are successfully recruiting, engaging, developing, and retaining staff throughout the region. The stories of those heroes illuminate career pathways across the field of health. This campaign is a result of findings in OCH’s report titled Strengthening the Health-Serving Workforce.   

G.O.A.T.: This retention strategy might be the Greatest Of All Time 


Wendy is the Chief Executive Officer of Peninsula Behavioral Health (PBH). She is a licensed mental health counselor, geriatric mental health specialist, and a member of Olympic Community of Health’s board of directors—not to mention a mother of two and an occasional costume designer! She knows the importance of combatting burnout. That’s why she advocates for creative efforts at PBH that help keep her staff feeling supported and inspired. For those efforts, OCH is featuring Wendy as an Olympic Region Workforce Hero.  

“We acknowledge that there is room to have fun even in the serious work we do,” Wendy said. 

The “Positivity Patrol” is one staff retention effort founded during the COVID-19 pandemic that continues today. That patrol organizes joyful activities to bring staff together outside of day-to-day work. Outings have included ice skating and even petting baby goats!  

PBH also invested heavily in staff training. 

“Last year alone, we offered over 100 hours of additional training to our staff,” Wendy shared.  

From entry-level to CEO 

Wendy noted the importance of seizing learning opportunities and to expect the unexpected. Her workforce journey began with an interest in psychology as a high school student. Her continued dedication to her interests prepared her for her eventual role as CEO at Peninsula Behavioral Health. 

To the new and future health-serving workforce of the Olympic Peninsula 

High school students: 

Wendy recommended high school students reach out to Peninsula College to learn more about their programs just for their age group 

Thank you, Workforce Heroes! 

Olympic Community of Health appreciates Wendy’s dedication to supporting the health-serving workforce in the Olympic Region, and recognizes many people out there deserve recognition. Let us know about your Workforce Hero by emailing the team at  

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