Medicaid Transformation

Medicaid Transformation Project

The Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) aims to improve health and wellness in Washington State. It’s a five-year agreement between the State of Washington and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). MTP invests up to $1.5 billion in local health systems, with a focus on Apple Health (Medicaid).    


Medicaid Transformation goals include:   

• Building healthier communities through a collaborative regional approach   

• Integrating how we meet physical and behavioral health needs so that healthcare focuses on the whole person  

• Improving how we pay for services by rewarding quality over quantity 

OCH incorporates six projects into one provider-centric change plan.

Integration of physical & behavioral health

Jail & emergency diversion interventions

Opioid health crisis response

Reproductive & maternal/child health

Oral health

Chronic disease prevention & control

Change plans are a mechanism to build healthier communities through a collaborative regional approach focusing on social determinants of health, clinical-community linkages, and whole person care. Each organization has a unique reach, perspective, and expertise that can contribute to improving population health in the Olympic region.

OCH engages primary care providers, behavioral health providers, community based organizations, and social service providers to join us in mission-driven collaboration to better meet the health needs of Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap Counties.




In just six months, the Port Angeles Community Paramedicine program has seen a 50% decrease in EMS calls and transports to the Emergency Room after initial contact with the Community Paramedic.


Kitsap Recovery Center strives to better meet patient needs by bringing trauma informed and 12 step yoga instructors on-site twice a week.


Peninsula Community Health Services partners with Harrison Medical Center and other providers to integrate Community Health Workers into emergency departments, jails, schools.

ORCA: Olympic Reporting Community Activities

Partners can click here to log in to our online reporting platform, Olympic Reporting Community Activities, or ORCA.


Each Natural Community of Care—Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap—have a dedicated ORCA page. When logging in partners will be directed to the ORCA page corresponding to their NCC.

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Miranda Burger, with questions.