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2022 OCH Partner Site Visits

This fall, OCH staff visited with all contracted partners including those contracted under the Medicaid Transformation Project, Expanding the OCH Table, and Youth Engagement, to hear directly from partners about successes, opportunities, and to foster strong partnerships. Site visits inform OCHs planning for upcoming activities, trainings, events, resources, and connections amongst and between partners. Almost all site visits occurred in-person, a happy return to pre-pandemic times, and OCH staff are delighted to re-invigorate visits and travel across the entire Olympic region.

Partners continue to embody resilience in the face of many adversities. Creative projects and approaches to best meet community needs can be found from the far reaches of the West End, to the very South of Kitsap County and everywhere in between.

What we heard from partners

Workforce – Recruitment and retainment of the health-serving workforce continues to be a top challenge across the region for all partner types, read more in OCH’s Strengthening the Health-serving Workforce report. Many partners report that the issue of workforce spans all position types. Several partners cited challenges around hiring and retaining medical assistants and nurses. Support for the existing workforce is also needed. Many successes are found across the region to address these challenges: