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Collaboration Call Summary- 11/16/20

On November 16, OCH hosted a virtual behavioral health collaboration call. The call brought together partners for regional alignment and to explore possible solutions and supports. 24 partners participated, including behavioral health providers, physical health providers, Managed Care Organizations, Tribes, crisis line staff, community-based organizations, and local health department participation.

Behavioral Health Impacts:

Presentation by Kira Mauseth Ph.D, Co-Lead Behavioral Health Strike Team, Washington Department of Health

  • People do recover – we will get there, it just will take some time.

  • Behavioral health staff are stressed, time off has been limited, no seasonal lull in August as usually seen. Burnout is real.

  • De-escalation techniques are important now. Techniques like speaking slowly, lowering register of voice, and keeping calm. These work even when working with clients over Zoom.

  • Behavioral Health Strike Team is working to develop crisis standards of care for behavioral health provision when workers are not in position to offer care or client need outweighs available resources.

  • Link to presentation.

Building Capacity for Resilience at the Community Level:

Presentation by Minnie Whalen, Clallam Resilience Project, a project of United Way of Clallam County

  • Clallam Resilience Project’s mission is to build resilience through fostering trauma sensitive care and expanding the understanding of NEAR sciences for the benefit of everyone in Clallam county.

  • Clallam Resilience is open to partnering and collaborating with individuals and agencies across the Olympic Region (Kitsap, Jefferson, and Clallam counties)

  • Resilience is the capacity of individuals and communities to navigate their way to the psychological, social, cultural, and physical resources that sustain wellbeing

  • To support community-level resilience, Clallam Resilience Project launched “Take Care and Be Well Tiny Videos” with guests from a wide spectrum of backgrounds sharing strategies they use to build and support resilience. To see these videos go to or .

  • New series offered “Fill Your Cup” Thursdays at 1pm. An informal, drop-in listening circle and opportunity to find connection with ourselves and others. To request an invite email

  • Link to presentation.

Integrated Managed Care (IMC) Recap and Discussion Presentation by Stephanie Lewis, Administrator, Salish BH-ASO. First meeting of Salish IMC Forum was held in October. Behavioral health providers, Tribes, and OCH were invited.

  • Key challenges identified at that meeting included:

  • Untimely utilization management decisions

  • delayed reactivation of Medicaid eligibility following jail release

  • payments that are not in accordance with negotiated contract rates

  • A second meeting is scheduled for December 11th 10:30am-12pm for regional BH agency partners only.

  • A meeting will be scheduled in late January/early February to include behavioral health agencies, the Health Care Authority, and Managed Care Organizations.

Next Steps: Participants opted to cancel the December 28th BH Collaboration Call.

Agencies are encouraged to participate in the December 11th Salish IMC Forum: Continuation and cadence of BH Collaboration Calls in 2021 will be determined by members in 2021.


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