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Helping All People Flourish: NEAR Sciences Training Sessions

Kitsap Strong provided a two-session NEAR (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience) sciences training for Olympic Community of Health in Oct 2020. The sessions led us through the science behind human behavior and will explore the impacts of trauma and toxic stress on our brains, bodies, behavior, and choices. Together, we shared ideas and strategies for supporting ALL individuals to discover the skills and opportunities they need to flourish. Thank you to all who attended these great trainings. OCH looks forward to continuing to support trauma-informed efforts across the Olympic region.

Learning objectives for the NEAR sciences training sessions:

  • Recognize the prevalence of toxic stress and trauma impacting our community

  • Understand the impacts toxic stress can have on our developing brains and bodies throughout the course of our lives

  • Increase support for the development of trauma-informed practices for working with clients, students and fellow co-workers

  • Acknowledge what all people need in order to flourish and leave with a deeper understanding of how to nurture resiliency in our communities.

Unable to attend? Access both session recordings below!

Session 1:

Session 2:

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