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How recovery-friendly language promotes healing

In October, Olympic Community of Health (OCH) piloted a learning opportunity to reduce stigma surrounding substance use disorders (SUD). This is one of many steps OCH has taken since 2021 to support becoming a recovery-friendly region. 49 participants representing the health-serving workforce across the Olympic Region attended this unique learning opportunity.

The purpose of the workshop was to build community awareness and capacity to utilize more recovery-friendly language to support community members in treatment or recovery for substance use disorders (SUD). Increased adoption of person-first language upholds dignity and respect of all community members, fosters resiliency and cultural competency across the community and health-serving workforce.

Transforming Language to Promote Healing & Recovery

During the workshop, participants learned how to identify common words and phrases that contribute to stigma and practiced transforming that language into recovery-friendly language.

Participants also identified the benefits of using recovery-friendly language and discussed how it feels to be treated with dignity and compassion. We all have a part to play in supporting a recovery-friendly Olympic Region.

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